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The favorable conservation status of habitat types in Slovenia is reached by just over a third of Europe's important habitat types.In order to achieve the objectives of the EU Biodiversity Strategy, it is necessary to follow the guidelines of the Regulation on Special Conservation Areas (Natura 2000 sites) more rigorously and to implement the Natura 2000 management program. This is especially important for areas with freshwater, wetland, wetland and grassland habitat types.


In the period (2008-2022), the farmland bird index is 73.9, and the grassland bird index in the agricultural landscape is 56.3.The fourteen-year trend of farmland birds shows moderate declining, despite a stable trend over the last eight years.





In the last decade, droughts have been slightly less intense than in the previous decade, and it is worrying that they occur most often during the growing season. Especially in the first trimester, we observe a decrease in the frequency and intensity of hydrological drought. In the period 1961–2020, the year 2003 stands out in terms of drought, which was dry in all quarters of the year. After 2000, the years 2007 and 2011 were more markedly dry.