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In 2020, CO2 intensity in the commercial and institutional sector increased further compared to the previous year, to 33 t CO2/million EUR1995, and lagged 0.7 percentage points behind the annual target value. The 2020 target was thus not achieved which is due to a 3.8% reduction in value added caused by the implementation of measures for preventing the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. In comparison to 2010, the intensity was 55% lower. Since the energy statistics for this sector are calculated as the difference between the total energy consumption and the energy consumption of all other sectors, the indicator is rough, which makes it difficult to interpret the year-on-year changes.


Figure PO09-1: The intensity of CO2 in the commercial and institutional sector in 2005, in the period 2010–2020 and the target values of the indicator to the year 2020

Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, Jožef Stefan Institute - Energy Efficiency Centre

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Indicator value in 2005[t CO2/mio EUR1995] Target values of the indicator[t CO2/mio EUR1995] Indicator values in the period 2010-2020[t CO2/mio EUR1995]
2005 99.03
2010 73.71
2011 64.93
2012 47.61 47.61
2013 45.69 51.98
2014 43.78 38.82
2015 41.86 42.74
2016 39.95 49.06
2017 38.03 36.73
2018 36.12 31.90
2019 34.20 32.30
2020 32.29 32.98


The indicator methodology is available only in Slovene (link to the indicator)

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