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In the last two years the specific emissions lowering trend of new vehicles has stopped and the objective achivement could be easily compromised. Because of the large difference between factory data on energy use and emissions and actual data the estimation of the indicator is doubtful. The average emissions of all vehicles declined sharply in 2017 but at least a similar or a greater reduction in future years will be needed in order to achieve the goal. In order to achieve both objectives, the implementation of measures in this area will have to be strengthened.


Figure PO02-1: Comparison of specific CO2 emissions of new vehicles with target values for years 2015 and 2021 and with specific CO2 emissions of all vehicles (Source: Slovenian Environment Agency, JSI-EEC)
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Average CO2 emissions of new vehicles (factory values) Target value - new personal vehicles (2015) Target value - new personal vehicles (2021) Average CO2 emissions of all personal vehicles (actual values) Target value - all personal vehicles
2010 145.88 186.15
2011 140.73 181.77
2012 134.73 178.60
2013 127.69 179.17
2014 124 180.60
2015 120.14 130 180.66
2016 118.69 181.18
2017 118.81 173.88
2020 152.34
2021 95


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