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The share of renewable energy sources (RES) in the use of fuels in non-ETS industry amounted to 16,3% in 2019. After four years of decline, the share increased this time, by 3.1% compared to the preceding year. The reason of the increase was an 8% increase in the use of RES, which was greater than a 5% increase in total use of fuels. The largest increase in the use of RES, by 170 TJ, occurred in the wood processing industry. The achieved RES share lagged 4.6 percentage points behind the indicative annual target value. Following the trend from 2019, the lag behind the target will amount to good 5 percentage points in 2020.


Figure PO19-1: The share of RES in the use of fuels in the non-ETS industry in the period 2010−2019 and its target values up to 2020

Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, Jožef Stefan Institute - Energy Efficiency Centre

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Target values of the indicator Indicator values in the period 2010−2018
2010 17.51
2011 16.77
2012 13.83 13.83
2013 14.85 15.38
2014 15.87 21.26
2015 16.89 21.15
2016 17.92 19.75
2017 18.94 18.67
2018 19.96 15.86
2019 20.98 16.34
2020 22


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