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Net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the land use, land-use change, and forestry (LULUCF) sector were 243 kt CO2 eq in 2018. The LULUCF sector has been a net source of GHG emissions since 2014, or in other words, emissions in the sector are higher than the sinks. The largest contributor to the decrease in net removals in the sector are forest fellings, which increased by about 22% compared to 2017, according to the Slovenian Forest Service. We may be concerned that about two thirds of the value of fellings in 2018 is represented by sanitary cuts, which means that the consequences of natural disturbances and outbreaks of bark beetle are still strongly present in Slovenian forests.


Figure PO31-1: Net GHG emissions in the LULUCF sector in 2005 and in the period 2010−2018
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Indicator value in 2005 Indicator values in the period 2010−2018
2005 -7120.90
2010 -6125.46
2011 -6041.77
2012 -5976.13
2013 -7326.91
2014 36.91
2015 -9.28
2016 142.72
2017 -175.11
2018 243.14


The indicator methodology is available only in Slovene (link to the indicator)

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