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Children in primary schools and kindergartens in the Municipality of Nova Gorica are only partially exposed to exceeded levels of road traffic noise. Measurements show that limit value for playgrounds (55 dB (A), set as a recommendation by the World Health Organization, is exceeded only at the most exceeded facade by 3 of 12 elementary schools and 5 of 16 kindergartens. As in the school year 2012/2013 1,162 students (in those 3 schools) and 439 children (in those 5 kindergartens) were exposed to exceeded noise it would be reasonable to carry out noise measurements. According to the data we assume that in the classrooms road traffic noise does not interfere children by learning and playing.

Environmental indicators in Slovenia

The web portal Environmental Indicators in Slovenia provides access to over 100 indicators which use graphs, maps and comments to present the environmental trends in Slovenia. The indicators are organized into thematic groups – chapters covering environmental components (e.g. water, air), environmental issues (e.g. climate change, nature protection, loss of biodiversity, waste management) and the incorporation of environmental content in the formulation of sector policies (e.g. transport, agriculture, tourism, energy, instruments of environmental policy). The indicators represent one of the four pillars of our environmental reporting, based on the demands in article 106 of the Environment Protection Act (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 41/2004 with changes). Based on numerical data, they indicate state, characteristics and trends of environmental development in Slovenia. They are produced via interlinkages among the data and observations as shown on Figure 1. More

Figure 1: Information Pyramid
Source: EIONET-SI, 2007