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After the increase in the years 2014−2016, the emissions of F-gases caused by leaks from equipment decreased by 9 % in 2017. In the future, further reduction is expected as a result of a more intensive limitation of F-gases on the EU market. The target value of the OP GHG is only indicative because multiple amendments were made after the adoption of the OP GHG. Improvements to F-Gas Emissions inventory showed that past emissions were underestimated at the time of preparation of the OP GHG, and therefore exceeding the target does not necessarily indicate the non-implementation of the measures. In addition, new legislation was introduced at the EU level in 2014, introducing new measures.


Figure PO20-1: Emissions of HGH due to leakage of HFC substances
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Emissions of HGH due to leakage of HFC substances Linear projection of the indicator, OP TGP-2020
2011 128.75
2012 169.64
2013 158.07 122.73
2014 179.88 117.53
2015 200.09 112.32
2016 212.94 108.20
2017 194.22 104.07
2018 99.95
2019 95.83
2020 91.70


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