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The Happy Planet Index (HPI) ranks countries based on how effectively they provide their citizens with the conditions to live long and happy lives without excessive depletion of natural resources. Slovenia ranked 53rd in the world according to the HPI in 2019 (out of 152 countries included in the calculation) and 12th among the EU-27 countries and the United Kingdom. Despite an increase in per capita ecological footprint in Slovenia between 2016 and 2019, the HPI value has increased from 44.5 to 47.9. This is due to a slightly longer life expectancy and higher life satisfaction.


Life expectancy at birth in Slovenia is gradually getting longer, for both men and women. Life expectancy at birth for women is slightly longer than it is for men. It is noted the increase in life expectancy at birth in western part of Slovenia. Life expectancy at birth was in 2016 in Slovenia 84.3 year for women and 78.2 years for men.