Precipitations and temperature
Assessments published: [ 2016 2014 2013 2010 2009 2008 ]
Indicator shows changes of average annual air temperatures and average annual precipitation in selected areas across Slovenia in the period of 1961-2015.
Image PS4-1: Annual average temperature, Slovenia, 1961-2015

Source: Meteorological Office, Slovenian Environment Agency, 2016

Image PS4-2: Linear trend of annual air temperatures (in °C/decade), Slovenia, 1961-2011

Source: Main characteristics of the air temperature trend,period 1961-2011, Ljubljana, September 2013,Slovenian Environment Agency

Image PS4-3: Annual precipitation (in mm),Slovenia, 1961-2015

Source: Archive of meteorological data, Slovenian Environment Agency, 2016

Image PS4-4: 10-years average global temperature

Source: World Meteorological Organization, The global climate 2001-2010, Decade of Climate Extremes, 2013

Image PS4-5: Anomaly of global annual temperature relative to 1961-1990

Image PS4-6: Projected change in annual, summer and winter precipitation

Image PS4-7: Projected change in annual and summer precipitation

10th March 2016
Tanja Cegnar, Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia